5 Compelling Reasons Long-Standing Facilities Provide the Best Truck and Trailer Repair in Edmonton

Your choice of truck repair facility is crucial to your operations. Entrusting the job to an incompetent center will not only diminish your revenue and derail your business, but also put your employees and fleet at risk. For efficient truck and trailer repair in Edmonton, trust only a long-standing repair facility.

Why It’s Best to Trust Only Established Truck Repair Shops

As a truck or fleet operator, your livelihood depends on your vehicle. Whether your truck requires routine maintenance or major truck repair in Edmonton, you deserve the peace of mind and workmanship that only top-notch repair services can provide.

However, navigating the truck repair scene is not easy, especially with so many shops to choose from. Narrow down your list by considering how many years potential truck repair shops have been in business. Here are the key advantages offered by long-standing repair facilities that are hard to find in new shops:

  1. Years of Experience

In the truck repair industry, nothing can substitute for experience. Entrusting your fleet to a fly-by-night provider or a novice agency can result in expensive delays and further damage to your vehicle. Ideally, the facility you choose should have more than a decade of experience repairing trucks and offering fleet services in Edmonton.

  1. Impressive Range of Services

Facilities with many years of experience are often one-stop shops for everything truck-related. They typically offer the following services and more:

    • Wheel Alignment
    • Truck and Trailer Repairs
    • Truck and Trailer Maintenance
    • Fleet Services
    • Mobile Truck Repairs
    • Welding and Modifications
    • Computer Diagnostics
    • Big Rig Repairs
    • CVIP Inspections

A full-service facility helps you save money and time on present and future repairs. Its extensive array of solutions will also give you a sense of security and get you back on the road more quickly.

  1. Excellent Parts Inventory

Long-standing repair facilities will always have the parts that you need. Over the years, these shops have built strong relationships with other providers to ensure that they can execute all types of truck repair in Edmonton. Top centers even offer customized welding and modifications for fully customized solutions to your truck, trailer, and fleet issues.

  1. Amazing Customer Service

Few repair facilities can survive in the industry without providing consistently fantastic customer service. They typically have loyal and returning customers as well as strong relationships with truck and fleet operators all over the area. Expect this high-quality treatment when you choose an established repair provider.

  1. Easily Accessible Reviews

Reviews for new repair shops are often hard to find, making it difficult to get a clear idea of their work quality. In contrast, long-standing facilities have already built many years’ worth of genuine reviews. Better yet, you get first-hand feedback from real-life clients who’ve secured their services in Edmonton and beyond.

Major Overhaul: Your Truck Repair Shop with Over 17 Years in Business

With more than 17 years in the business and over 30 years of experience, Major Overhaul is the name to trust when it comes to truck and trailer repair in Edmonton. We are a professional, full-service truck and trailer repair center that also specializes in mobile truck repair, fleet services, CVIP inspections, and more. Call us today at 780-468-1069 or fill out our online form to get in touch with our team.

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  1. I did not know anything about any of this. Thank you so much for your very informative blog. Now I know where to bring my truck for repair. I’ve been looking for a legitimate repair shop that can be trusted and knows how to fix things and not making it worst. My truck is at the garage waiting to be fix. Thank you very much for this recommendations. I will sure recommend this to my family and friends. Looking forward to your next blog!

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