Keep Your Trucks in Top Condition with a Heavy-Duty Mechanic in Edmonton for Fleet Services

Regular fleet maintenance is frequently treated as an afterthought for many companies. This is understandable since the daily truck operations trucks can take up most of the available time, manpower, and resources. In this case, hiring fleet services from a heavy-duty mechanic in Edmonton is the best way to stay on top of truck upkeep and prevent safety and productivity issues.

What is fleet maintenance?

Fleet maintenance involves keeping your company’s vehicles in proper working order. Ideally, it should be done regularly. Organizations with a big budget may have an in-house team of fleet mechanics.

For most companies, however, outsourcing fleet services in Edmonton makes more fiscal and operational sense. It allows them to have high-quality fleet maintenance services without having to spend resources on hiring and maintaining their own employees.

Why Trucking Companies Need Fleet Maintenance

Cargo trucks and trailers travel hundreds of miles, often under harsh climates and road conditions. A rock-solid fleet maintenance structure is critical so that trucks and drivers don’t get stranded on the road due to issues.  

For trucking companies, profitability has a direct link to the health of their trucks and trailers. Even one truck out of commission means missed deadlines, undelivered products, and unhappy customers.

Most importantly, a truck in good condition helps keep drivers safe wherever they are. It reduces the risk of accidents, and in turn, enhances productivity and profitability.

3 Key Benefits of Fleet Maintenance

An effective fleet maintenance program concentrates on preventive maintenance so that issues don’t occur in the first place. When hiring a heavy-duty mechanic in Edmonton for fleet services, always make sure he is well-versed in preventive maintenance techniques. When done right, fleet maintenance offers the following advantages:

  1. Lower Repair Costs

It costs significantly less to maintain your trucks versus having to repair them. For instance, maintaining a vehicle’s trailer may cost money upfront, but it’s far cheaper than having to replace the entire trailer.

  1. Reduce Operational Costs

Some fleet managers think that cutting out maintenance from the budget saves them money, but it’s the exact opposite. Vehicles that run at high-efficiency levels consume less fuel, last for many years, and retain their value in case they need to be sold later. It also reduces downtime and increases profits. If you want to save money in the long term, prioritize regular fleet maintenance.

  1. Better Inspection and Testing Outcomes

Edmonton truck operators are required to undergo annual and semi-annual Commercial Inspection Program (CVIP) inspections. Any vehicle, from trucks and light trucks to truck-tractors and semi-trailers, that fail testing may be prohibited from operating.

Fleet services include checking your documents to make sure your vehicles comply with CVIP guidelines. If necessary, mechanics can also add trailer and truck repair in Edmonton to your scheduled CVIP inspection to ensure that you pass testing.

Invest in the Future of Your Fleet

Major Overhaul can take care of all your truck and trailer needs, from comprehensive fleet services to mobile truck repair. We’ve been serving Edmonton and Northern Alberta since 2002, and you can trust our experience and skilled mechanics to take care of your vehicles like their own. Never get stranded on the road again. Call Major Overhaul at 780-468-1069 today!

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