Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Trailer in Good Shape

While your truck understandably gets the bulk of the focus when it comes to truck and trailer maintenance, you shouldn’t leave your trailer as an afterthought. Proper trailer maintenance and trailer repair in Edmonton will keep your entire rig operating at maximum efficiency, allowing you to meet all of your deadlines and get every job done right. The Edmonton trailer repair experts at Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair Inc. have put together some tips to help you keep your trailer in good shape.

Clean the Trailer Regularly 

Cleaning your trailer on a regular basis will help to wash off any de-icing chemicals which can corrode metal parts. It will also allow you to see any problems or damage which may need to be fixed. When cleaning your trailer, pay special attention to the underside.

Keep Everything Greased 

All of your trailer’s grease fittings also need to be kept properly lubed in order to protect against corrosion. When applying new grease, make sure you apply enough of it so that the old grease and any dirt and debris trapped in it are purged.

Ensure That the Tires Are Properly Inflated 

The easiest way to save some money on tires and to improve your fuel efficiency at the same time is to keep your tires properly inflated. Over or underinflated tires will encourage tire wear and decrease tire longevity. Investing in a tire pressure monitoring system can be a good idea.

Inspect the Suspension 

A visual suspension check can alert you to problems such as heat cracks and irregular wear. While inspecting your suspension, you should also check that the ride height is correct. Riding too low might mean that you’re riding on the suspension’s bumpers while riding too high can interfere with overpass navigation.

Check the Electrical System for Corrosion 

Even if you’ve taken steps to reduce corrosion, you should always check your trailer’s electrical system for signs of rust and damage, making sure to get trailer repair in Edmonton if you see any. An inoperable trailer light is not only a safety hazard but also a safe bet that you’ll end up getting pulled over.

Don’t Forget to Inspect the Inside

Finally, even if they take the time to clean the outside, drivers often overlook the inside of their trailer. Once in a while, you should climb inside of the trailer and take a look for problems such as broken cross members and holes in the roof.

Trailer Repair in Edmonton You Can Trust 

Don’t let trailer maintenance issues slow you down. If your regular maintenance checks turn up any issues, then you shouldn’t wait to get quality, professional trailer repair in Edmonton from Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair Inc. We have been providing reliable truck and trailer repair in the Edmonton area since 2002 and we are capable of handling all sorts of trailer problems.

For trailer repair services in Edmonton that you know you can trust, get in touch with Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair Inc. today.

4 thoughts on “Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Trailer in Good Shape”

  1. It’s good to know that it’s crucial to regularly check your trailers electrical system for signs of rust or damage because it is a safety hazard. I recently checked my trailer’s electrical system and I noticed a bit of corrosion. I’ll have it checked out by a full-service trailer repair shop before I use it for a camping trip. Thanks for this!

  2. Great article! Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your trailer in good shape and ensuring its longevity. Some key tips include inspecting the tires, brakes, and lights before each trip, checking the trailer’s bearings and axles periodically, and keeping the trailer clean and dry to prevent rust and corrosion.

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