Mobile Truck Repair in Edmonton AB: Trust Major Overhaul

Mobile Truck Repair in Edmonton: Who you going to call?

If you are a part of the commercial trucking industry, then you are well aware that the nature of the business is usually high-pressure and fast-paced. With full schedules and constant heavy loads, the integrity of your truck and trailer eventually wears out over time and worse, may lead to unexpected breakdowns. When such an unfortunate event occurs within the vicinity of Northern or Central Alberta, who are you going to call for help with mobile truck repair in Edmonton, Red Deer, Lloydminster, Fort McMurray, and surrounding areas?

Major Overhaul and Equipment Repair's mobile service truck ready to go help a stranded truck driver

What are the common causes of truck breakdowns?

  • Poor weather conditions

Driving in bad weather can be difficult especially for heavy-duty operators. Whether due to the reduced visibility, strong wind speeds or precipitation like rain and snow, there will be an increased risk of an accident.

  • Negligence in commercial vehicle maintenance

Small vehicle issues that are not addressed immediately through routine and proper maintenance may lead to major ones. And such initial minor problems can easily evolve into catastrophic truck malfunctions when you least expect it.

  • Tire problem

The tires are exposed to extreme wear and tear. Therefore, apart from proper inflation, tires should also include regular inspections of tread depth before and after every haul. Failing to do so is a very risky and dangerous practice.

Moreover, commercial trucks must use only the proper kind of tires. This can prevent misaligned axles that could result in irregular wear on the tires and frequent need for a tire repair.

  • Brake issues

Brakes do rust and corrode over time. They only have a certain life span and need to be serviced or replaced to work optimally.

It is important for heavy-duty truck drivers to always monitor the performance of the brakes as it is one of the vital safety truck components. Any unusual noise, burning smell and clear dashboard signals are indicators that a brake check should be done immediately.

  • Faulty electricals

Electricals include the starter motor, battery and alternator. The main reason these components should always be in good working order is that a lot of systems in your commercial vehicle heavily depend on electricity. When electricals are defective, systems such as the air conditioning, thermostat, radio, starter and ignition and other computer equipment will not work.

How can truck breakdowns affect trucking businesses?

Any commercial vehicle downtime leads to revenue losses and considerably impacts a trucking company’s bottom line. Moreover, it can seriously damage your relationship with present customers and may even result in client losses.

Unexpected breakdowns may also cause delayed consignment, cargo damages and worse, road accidents and injuries. All things considered, a trucking company’s poor performance gives rise to poor publicity and low credibility. This means getting new customers to trust your service will become extremely challenging.

What are the advantages of a mobile truck and trailer repair service?

  • Convenient

Instead of driving your truck to the repair shop, the heavy-duty mobile mechanic along with their tools and equipment are the ones who are going to come to your location and get you back up and running quickly.

  • Saves time

If you take your truck to the shop, you will waste time not only waiting for the next available towing service but also waiting for an available technichian to look at your vehicle. Roadside assistance will greatly reduce this lost time if the issue can be fixed on the site of the breakdown.

  • Avoids towing costs

Towing costs are extremely high due to the specific processes and equipment involved. Whether for auto, diesel truck, semi-truck or heavy-duty equipment, calling a tow truck can cost a small fortune.

  • Prevents shop queues

Even if you arrive at the shop the quickest time possible, it does not guarantee that the shop will service your truck first and there will be no queue. Chances are high you will have to take your place in line.

  • Provides better customer satisfaction

The fewer delays truck troubles cause, the closer you stay to your delivery schedules and commitments. Hence, you will still be able to achieve customer satisfaction and maintain good ties with your clients.

mobile truck repairs will get you back on schedule quickly

4 Tips on how to get the best mobile truck repair service

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid truck breakdowns completely. The only thing that can be done is to prevent it from happening frequently.

The following tips can come in handy and help you be ready in the event of a roadside breakdown.

1. Ask your network for recommendations

Your network of trucking businesses probably already have their list of trusted repair centers. It is best to seek recommendations from them as the repair shops they know most likely have proven track records.

Moreover, you can find information from websites and social media. The best repair workshops usually have strong online visibility and have accessible customer reviews you can view.

2. Opt for mobile service providers that also have a shop facility

Mobile services are not all the time 100% successful. In some cases, the location of the breakdown, inclement weather or other factors may not be conducive for repair completion. In such unpredictable circumstances, they can always get the repair done at their facility.

3. Always keep your information records ready

Clear communication is the key to saving time and costs. Before you call for mobile truck repair service, make sure you can give detailed directions of your whereabouts and a good description of your truck. This helps the mobile repair truck to easily locate and identify your vehicle.

Additionally, provide the mobile mechanic with as much as possible a thorough account of the truck problem you have encountered to validate if the roadside repair will be possible.

4. Expect a relatively higher service charge

Mobile repair companies usually charge 20-30% more than the regular shop rates, on top of mileage charges to facilitate this service. However, this small increased fee will surely be much less than the cost of a tow and increased downtime.

What services can I expect from shops offering mobile truck repair?

The mobile truck repair services and rates you will get vary from shop to shop.

An ultimate example of a trusted and reliable center for mobile truck repair in Edmonton is Major Overhaul. They provide mobile trailer repair, mobile truck service, mobile tire change as well as on-site mobile truck repair.

Major Overhaul’s comprehensive mobile truck repair services include:

  • Battery jumps
  • Brake repair
  • Diagnostics
  • Differential repair
  • Electrical repair
  • Engine repair
  • Exhaust repair
  • Transmission repair

Major Overhaul leads as the most reputable center for mobile truck repair in Edmonton

Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair Inc. will get your truck up and running again as quickly as possible. The mobile heavy-duty truck mechanics from Major Overhaul provide nothing but high-quality roadside assistance you can rely on.

Call 780-468-1069 and get in touch today.

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