Heavy Duty Mechanics in Edmonton Provide Essential Services

Heavy Duty Mechanics in Edmonton: Considered Essential During a Pandemic

heavy duty mechanics considered essential services

Last March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the outbreak of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. The statement has led to the massive suspension and closure of jobs and businesses, especially those offering non-essential services. However, that was not the case for the heavy-duty (HD) mechanics in Edmonton.

Heavy-duty technicians and the auto care industry, in general, continued to operate in the midst of the pandemic. They are deemed essential to keep lives as well as the economy going.

As much as commercial drivers and truckers, heavy equipment mechanics help ensure essential goods such as food, water, fuel, medical and sanitary supplies get restocked. They may not be directly in the front lines, but their work definitely supports those who are.

Here’s why.

What makes heavy-duty mechanics essential?

According to the latest news reports, we are still far off from any reprieve from the effects of the pandemic on our global economy. Hence, we continue to rely on the services of HD mechanics among other workers as their “essential” function remains relevant.

They service heavy equipment that supports the movement of cargo 

The pressure of replenishing stocks on empty shelves put an increased mileage for heavy vehicles. As a result, there is more likelihood of wear and tear on trucks.

Heavy-duty technicians are the ones who maintain and repair these vehicles and equipment that transports essential commodities for pandemic response and relief operations. Moreover, they proactively make sure fleets are always in good working order.

Consequently, this enables drivers to keep their schedules on track, especially those who carry critical deliveries. Time-efficient delivery, in return, can protect and save more lives. Additionally, it brings us a step closer to winning the battle against the virus.

They ensure passengers’ safe access to transportation

Not only do HD mechanics secure the shipment of material goods. They also service passenger-carrying vehicles such as buses, vans and other modes of transportation, making sure they are safe for people to use. Ultimately, commercial drivers are considered passengers as well.

They maintain and repair vehicles and equipment used in infrastructure

The increasing number of COVID-19 patients gave rise to the demand for more healthcare and quarantine facilities. HD technicians play a vital role in the upkeep of various heavy equipment utilized in construction, making urgent completion possible.

The Upside

Job Stability

While other jobs were and are still being lost due to company layoffs, heavy mechanics get to secure their source of income with or without a pandemic. Moreover, they keep the opportunity to learn new skills every day as well as grow and advance in their careers.

Hazard pay

More often than not, employers as well as the government entitle hazard premiums, stipends and other benefits to essential workers. Any form of additional compensation is a great deal of support for employees who risk their lives reporting to work daily.

Physical and mental activity

HD technicians perform work that demands a lot of physical tasks such as manual handling, lifting, pushing and pulling. Additionally, they should also stay mentally active to be able to address various heavy equipment issues efficiently.

Hence, such physical and mental activities allow HD equipment mechanics to engage in some form of regular exercise for their bodies and brains. And we all know how important physical activity and mental stimulation are to maintain healthy wellbeing, especially in the midst of a health crisis.

Social interaction

Although technology has been really a huge help in bringing people together in a virtual sense, it still does not compare to face-to-face interactions. However, it is still a lot better than having no interaction at all.

Furthermore, not everyone has the same ability to handle social isolation and stress. Therefore, heavy equipment technicians have an advantage as they can meet and talk with other people while reducing close contact, of course. More importantly, social interaction significantly impacts our emotional and mental health.

Making a difference

The whole world celebrates heavy vehicle mechanics along with other essential workers as heroes. True enough, they deserve that much appreciation as they risk their own lives to save others. No other feeling can make anyone prouder of themselves knowing that they are doing something that makes the community a better and safer place to live in.

Major Overhaul heavy duty mechanic shop in Edmonton

The Downside

Health risk

Every day, heavy vehicle technicians face the risk of contracting COVID-19 in the workplace. Not only that, but they are also risking others with the possibility of carrying the virus home to their families.

Non-traditional procedures

Every business permitted to operate during the pandemic should take precautionary methods. Such practices include frequent sanitation and disinfection, employees wearing protective gear and maintaining proper social distancing. As a result, these requirements changed the usual procedures and caused HD mechanics to exert more effort and work in extended hours.

Forced labour

Due to their high exposure to infection, some heavy technicians get sick or actually become COVID-positive. When this unfortunate incident happens, the other technicians may have to cover the shifts of those who are still in quarantine and recovering.

Moreover, most companies discourage employees to take paid or emergency leaves during crises. So even when heavy equipment technicians opt to utilize their paid leaves, the current situation denies their privilege to do so.

Less work-life balance

Longer hours spent in the workplace mean less time heavy vehicle mechanics spend with their families and loved ones.

Constant fear

Each essential worker braves the daily struggle of dreading to return to work. HD technicians are no exception. Every day they are torn between the fear of getting COVID-19 and accomplishing their sense of duty to society and providing for their families.

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