Fleet Service in Edmonton: Maintain Your Trucks and Trailers Efficiently

The Importance of Getting Your Trucking Business the Best Fleet Service in Edmonton

Fleet service shop Major Overhaul and Equipment Repair in Edmonton

No matter how big or small the size of the fleet operation you own, maintaining more than one commercial truck is never an easy task. Frequent repairs and maintenance among multiple tractor-trailers can be a pain, especially when you do not have a dedicated workforce to keep your fleet in top condition. For this reason, contracting professional resources for fleet service in Edmonton may present a smart move for your business.

What is a fleet?

A fleet is composed of at least two or more vehicles leased or owned by an organization or company and is used for business purposes.

What is a fleet service?

Fleet service refers to the comprehensive processes, such as maintenance and repairs, involved to ensure all your vehicles are always working properly.

What is the purpose of fleet services?

The main goals of fleet maintenance services are for every individual vehicle to be:

  • Safe

Safety is always the topmost priority. When a vehicle is safe to drive, it secures the commercial driver’s welfare as well as the other drivers and passengers on the road. Furthermore, safety in terms of roadworthiness reassures that a truck remains in compliance with legal standards as well as CVIP inspections.

  • Available

No vehicle should be left in the repair shop for too long nor be allowed to stay there most of the time. Fleet vehicles are only profitable when they are on the road working.

  • Suitable

Each heavy equipment make should be right and fit for the particular job they are required to do.

  • Reliable

The trucks and trailers should be up and running without any issues for the next required function. Moreover, it is ideal for a truck to have the least downtime as possible during its lifetime.

  • Economical

Every vehicle in a fleet is a huge investment. Therefore, it is only reasonable for a business owner to aim to make the most returns out of it. In other words, heavy equipment should be more of an asset rather than a liability.

  • Emitting the least possible pollutants

A properly serviced fleet of vehicles can significantly reduce the amount of exhaust emissions that contribute to environmental pollution.

What are the benefits of proper fleet service and maintenance?

Reduces operating costs on:

  • Repairs. A good fleet service employs preventive maintenance (PM) as an essential part of its fleet management plan. PM proactively identifies and resolves vehicle issues before they even arise. As a result, there will be less need for repetitive and costly truck repairs.
  • Parts. Fleet service providers source vehicle parts in bulk from their reputable suppliers. Thus, they can offer high-quality parts such as tires, fluids and others at a much lower price.
  • Fuel. It may be impossible to control the price of gas, however, proper fleet service promotes good fuel economy. A well-maintained truck engine operates at peak efficiency. Therefore, most of the time it consumes just the right amount of fuel and does not need frequent oiling.

Maximizes fleet uptime

As mentioned earlier, fleet service aims for vehicles to always be readily available for continuous successful operations. Apart from their highly-skilled mechanics, fleet service providers utilize state-of-the-art technology and automated systems to better understand the needs of a fleet. By doing so, they can generate effective solutions on how to optimize the fleet’s productivity with accuracy and time-efficiency.

Extends the lifespan of heavy vehicles and equipment

Not only does fleet service boost the overall health of your trucks, but it also assesses other considerations that could increase the life expectancy of your vehicles. For instance, the driving style, route and load are just some of the potential factors a fleet service provider may opt to improve. All things considered, proper servicing heightens the performance of the engine to make it last longer, thus prolonging the lifespan of your trucks.

Enhances CVIP inspection outcomes

Regular checks and scheduled upkeep help trucks remain in tiptop shape. Hence, they have greater chances of passing any inspection with flying colours.

Increases productivity on other important company matters

With one less thing on your plate, you can then focus on the other essential aspects of your company.

What makes Major Overhaul the best provider of fleet service in Edmonton?

Fleet service shop in Edmonton

Ownership of a cutting-edge repair facility

A complete and spacious workshop may offer the best resources for owner-operators looking for places that do tune-ups and would be able to accommodate more trucks. An extensive facility enables efficient fleet management and gives you confidence that all your heavy equipment is properly serviced accordingly.

Employment of handpicked expert heavy-duty technicians and Red Seal mechanics

For 18 years, our experienced crew and fleet service assistants have been handling truck repair and maintenance tasks from the simplest to the most complicated forms.

Availability of on-site fleet repair services and maintenance

If you are in Edmonton or anywhere in Northern Alberta, we will gladly bring our mobile fleet services technician to your location if you cannot make it to our shop.

Coverage of comprehensive truck maintenance and repairs

We perform fuel system repair, engine service, repairs on hydraulic systems and airconditioning, computer diagnostics, welding and modification services and many more.

Supply of a well-stocked inventory of reliable truck parts

We source a wide variety of essential heavy machinery and parts. More importantly, we aim to give the best fit for the client’s budget without compromising quality.

Moreover, our highly-trained technicians are experts in installing truck parts with precision using only the finest tools and equipment.

Possession of a license to conduct CVIP inspections

When you choose Major Overhaul as your fleet service provider, you will not only get quality assistance. Why? We can give your fleet the advantage of successfully passing the mandated CVIP inspections.

We are licensed to conduct annual as well as semi-annual CVIP inspections. Thus, we encourage and support the registered owner of commercial vehicles to get them inspected regularly. Moreover, we will help you make sure that you complete all the requirements and paperwork to comply with the CVIP guidelines.

Major Overhaul and Equipment Repair Inc. is your trusted partner for tried and tested fleet service in Edmonton and throughout Northern Alberta. If you want to learn more or schedule an inspection, call us today at 780-468-1069.

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